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June 01, 2010


Cindy Drennan

You are now, and will continue to be, a hero to me. I just think you are the wisest, funniest, coolest person in the world. Meanwhile, there's a life waiting to be lived -- get to it!


Good for you. Hard choice, but you do what's best, right? You'll be missed! Have fun with your new adventures of being totally present :)
I get it. My four have me on the go all the time and more as they get older.

good for you! i hope i see you and the kids around town.


Amy Coose

I will miss your blogging, but am so proud of you for doing what's best for you and your family. Just pop a pic up every once-in-a-while, to keep us happy! ;)


Good on you Tina. Brava for being so wonderfully decisive on what is good for you and your life. It gives me pause about mine. and Enjoy Life!


Totally respect your decision! Keep in touch, I will miss you! Give those munchkins big hugs, okay?


oh, please don't go entirely! once in every while, please do a post with whatever wonderful quilt or crafty endeavour you;ve come up with - you make me want to dust off my sewing machine with your gorgeous but simple quilts, and I love seeing what you;ve made.

But do enjoy getting on the floor with your kids...mind you, your 40 y.o back might not like it as much as you would like! ;-)


Not goodbye...but see ya later :)
(Gorgeous quilt!)


Oh, Tina! I think this is so great! Of course, you will be missed, but you know?! It takes so much strength and courage to do what you're doing!

I've been spending *much* less time on the computer lately, and you know?! It feels SO good! Makes me want to take an indefinite break too. *sigh* Not that I have *that* many "obligations" online. But you know the feeling... hard to step away.

We don't have children, but I still feel like I'm missing out on so much with this online "thing" taking so much of our time. I miss my husband. I miss our pets. I miss ME. And "me," ironically, is my "one word" for 2010. Tee hee.

I have quit my job. I have stepped down from Craft Critique. I have stepped down from several other websites... turning things over to new people.

Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement you always give... to live life... and not always an "online" life, but the real life with relationships and people and fun that doesn't involve a glowing screen.

Thank you. :-)


So sad to see you go but I also have three kids who are growing up sooo fast. Be there now when they still think you are cool and can help them solve all their problems. I have one 13, 12 and 9 and who knew time would fly and we would lose our coolness. Wish I could freeze them. Enjoy your time at home and feel blessed every single moment-even when things seem crazy!!!


Like Jordan, I really liked this blog, very well prepared and with good topic of discussion. ???????

Okay, seriously, I was going to rave on about the quilt, but instead I want to borrow it to wipe the snot and tears. YOU CAN'T LEAVE!!! I NEEEED YOU. *pout*

Monica McNeill

Good luck to you. I will certainly miss your updates, photographs, layouts & quilts but greatly admire you for doing what it takes to be the mama & wife you know yourself to be.


I haven't been the most faithful visitor lately but I am a faithful fan. I love that you post the most poignant simple touching layouts and great photos, and that you've always been a well of inspiration just by being you.

Thank you for all these years. Until we meet again, Sarah

Susan Champlin

Here's how much I suck at blogging: I didn't realize until almost A MONTH later that you'd tweaked me about my lack of blogging! Selfishly I'm sad to think of you not enriching us with your wit, your photos, your creative output; but as a mom and aunt and great-aunt, I so understand your need to be there. Give big kisses to the kiddos for me, and to the big male kiddo in your life. And don't forget you, too. xoxo

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