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March 15, 2010



*snort* you crack me up.

Maybe I'll come steal Makena's quilt in the middle of the night. Heh heh heh. Or, you could come fly out and teach me how to do it yourself. : )


Quilting any day!!!
Beautiful projects.
Gorgeous children!


You inspire me!
I will make a quilt. I will.

alexandra s.m.

Love your quilts, pictures and pages!
You make me laugh too so : Thank You! merci ;-)

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Tina, you've really taking the quilting thing and run with it.

Great projects and I really love those pillows.

Your kids look adorable on their bikes too.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Oh, how I hate typos-lol. Of course, I'm always compelled to correct myself too.

I meant to say you've really "taken" the quilting thing and run with it.


Lovely Tina! It's feeling like spring here too- I finally broke down today and allowed tank top dresses, which is what the girls REALLY want to wear, no matter the weather. Your quilts look great! I haven't done any free-motion quilting but you've inspired me to try!

Kim Kesti

So fun to catch up with you! LOVE the quilting projects. And the remodeling? Yikes. Bet it will be mucho gorgisimo when it's done, though. Hugs!

Alis in Wnderlnd

Im totally behind my blog reading. The funky nine patch is awesome. I might have to get out my sewing machine, but not sure I can add one more thing.


Hmmmmmm....I like vodka and porn.
I kid!
Such gorgeous creations,
and your quilts/pillows are nice too ;)

bag girl

Amazing quilt~~also it will take some time to finish it, but i think when i sleep in these lovely quilt at night, i will have a sweet good dream`~

ריצוף אמבטיות

Nice tutorial shared here. I like this pillow with beautiful design and colors. I like your way to represent this tutorial.

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