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February 28, 2010



I hate remodeling almost as much as I hate reorganizing a flooded scraproom.
I feel your pain.
I'm just glad you are back and ok, well as ok as someone remodeling their house can be :/


boy you guys dont half ass anything do you? LOL!


Yep, I still check your blog for updates. And it's okay that it's been a month. Life happens. And it's more important than blogging. No worries. :-)

That being said, I'm SO glad you updated! :-D I hope the rest of your re-model goes smoothly! Oh, a covered patio... that's my dream for this year. *sigh* A girl can dream, right?! ;-)

Can't wait to see your finished photos! :-D

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Well, there has to be reasons for everything. This is a good renovation and I am looking forward that things looked better. I really have to give the credit to you for such a great job. More power and continue to inspire us.

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That house really looks mess. I do hope so that everything will work out for the best outcome. It would be great that the house would have a great design and have unique furniture.


It is really stressful in remodeling the house. Why don't you just hire someone to do it remodeling? Your house would look bright if that would be fixed.

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