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December 22, 2009



And Merry Christmas to you too. Love your resolutions ;-)


Tina: I'm a scrapbooker that just started quilting. Your quilts are really lovely and give me hope that I can do this! I'd love it if you also showed the back of your quilts on the blog. And I bought some Color Catchers earlier this week! Love that Arcadia fabric--yum!


Oh Tina, everything is beautiful- quilts, cookies, kids. Merry Christmas!

Aly D

Tina, your quilts are all so gorgeous! i really like the one you made with the acadia line. so modern and sleek. you seriously need to open a Tina gallery with all your amazing talents--photos, quilts, scrapbook pages, etc. Loved your Christmas card. You have such a beautiful sweet family. Have a merry Christmas! =)


BEEautiful!!!! I love this post - I feel like I just had a nice cozy visit with a friend - complete with wonderful toothy grins!


Ahh Tina! That red quilt is fabulous!! You are weakening my resolve not to start another hobby with all your sewing and quilting. Fabric is like paper...once you start collecting can't really stop, without an intervention. :)

I hope the person you made it for knows just how splendidly lucky she or he is.

Lonely Scrapbooker

Beautiful eye candy post! Actually I came by because I so loved your layout in the wsc January gallery. Also to say thanks for keeping the wsc fire burning. It's obvious you're doing a lot of the work to keep it going, and this scrapper is so glad you do. It's one of my favourite SBing blogs/sites and I visit it almost every day.


WOW, Tina! Your quilts look AMAZING! That second one... umm... I NEED to start quilting, so I can make one just like it! It has WHITE! And white space!!! Ohmigoodness, I LOVE it! I'll have to get on that... LOL.

lisa truesdell

LOVE those quilts. love!!


I love your quilts, especially the red one. Excuse my ignorance but what is a colour catcher???? I live in Australia and have never heard of it.

Liz Oram

I love love love that 2nd quilt...modern and beautiful blocking!!

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