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December 10, 2009


lisa truesdell

i've so been there.. big hugs and here's to a better tomorrow!


this nearly sounds like my everyday (cept no snow or freezing temps here)...some are better than others! I feel your pain - and appreciate the hilarious way you've recounted it! Glad you;ve been able to find the humour out the day!




so happy to read that others have stinky days like that...


i usually go and kick the cat and feel much better afterwards ;o)
glad to know i am not the only one with horrible, nothing goes right kind of days!


oh this post is SO very much how my week has gone and now that I've read this I think I can journal about it and even maybe scrap a page on it and "release" - thank you SO much!!


Love it! Sorry about tour day, though!


...but Deborah understands me.
Too funny.
I think that it if it took you this long with 3 kids to have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, you're doing a damn fine job :)


hugs and hoping today and the next few days are much better. BTW your pictures show how much your kids love you and what an AMAZING mom you are, hang in there.

Alis in Wnderlnd

Box it up and send IT to Australia. THAT is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day; and perhaps worse than any of mine. I feel your pain.


Hilarious! I love that book too! It was one of my favorites to put on a reader's theater when I was a teacher...every kid relates! so...what's your first favorite book? ;)


That post was so with the wait. Sorry your day was so crappy. That which does not kill us or force us to kill our children, makes us stronger (or makes us understand why our grandmothers all drank alot).


Oh my goodness! Thank you SO much for sharing that, I had the biggest giggle reading that! I had my own terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day just yesterday and felt like the world's worst mommy. How lucky are we that our kids forgive us so quickly on those days!
And how lucky are we that we get a fresh start every morning!

Aly D

oh girl. i'm feeling for you. i love that book. and you're funny. hugs!

Michelle M White

Next time come visit us and hang out on the sofa...with babies! We do coffee first, then wine ; )

Jennifer Larson

Hysterical. And it gets better (and less snotty).


I hear you sister. Hang on.


Kids! I know I shouldn't have but I did enjoy your post. Felt guilty chuckling through it. Hope your days are never worse! x


It's like somebody was writing about my own Tuesday from a couple of weeks ago... so glad I'm not alone in this!!

Kathleen S.

What I want to know is why there's a total blackout in how-to-raise-children books about Real Life With Anyone Under Twelve (adolescence is it's own minefield). I thought once they were potty trained,not using a binkie, and had rudimentary manners, life smoothed out. Ha. Ha. Hang in there, Tina . . have you noticed that saints mostly don't have children? That's the reason they're saints.


I have days like this every so often where I end up locked in a room with a cocktail. It's a good thing kids are so cute....

I"m glad it got better.


OMG, I love that post, too freaking funny...well funny to read, not to experience I'm sure. Excellent mommy story!! :)


i LOVE that book!!! i'm so glad to have read this post, b/c it makes me realize even more that other mothers have days like this!!!


teeenaaa! omg - u just made my very-bad-day better! thank u for a great belly laugh, and for letting me know i'm not the only one. now that i'm officially inducted into the mommy-of-three club, i have many more of these days then i used to. love to you and your beautiful family. :-)


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