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December 13, 2009



Congrats on your 2 new treasures, that's how I feel about the 3 DVRs in my house (yes, I said 3. lol)


Nice! You definitely can get around in a Pinto but a Porche gets you there without getting grease on your hands!

How is the print quality of the epson? Can you show me somehow? I'm in the market for a scanner printer.

Jennifer S.

Cool new gadgets and beautiful quilt! (And I'm glad to know the KitchenAid stand mixer makes your list - I'm pretty sure that's under the tree for me this year.)


Such lovely gifts! I am in the market for a new printer soon, so I will have to check that one out. LOVE the sewing machine. Mine's a Janome (the rough and tumble, but reliable sunfire compared to your fancy zippy porche). Can't wait to see the whole quilt you made for your Mom. Be sure to post a pic after Christmas.


You are hilarious. I was wondering one thing, though. WHEN do you sleep?

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Wow, what goodies!

Special congrats on your new machine. You'll love it and it will be fun to see the new creations you come up with.

Trust me, pretty soon, you'll have just as much fabric as you do scrap paper-lol.

Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family!


lovely lines indeed! I just finished up my very first quilt... ugh. i couldnt make a straight line with the right tension to save my life. i had no idea what i was doing, but i finished it!


LOVE that quilt (lucky mom)! The straight lines are a sight to behold indeed. Perfection.

Amy Pruden

I'm totally laughing my ass off! My first machine was my mom's old machine from when she first got married. Weighed a ton, maybe more. Finally when I got married I got a new machine and it was magical, just like you described. I'm now divorced, many years later and as a gift to myself I bought the granddaddy of all sewing machines and it's love all over again. Sewing machines are lovely! Have fun with yours!

amber johnson

Those ARE perfect stitches! I'm very envious. I have a viking too, but definitely need to get the walking, darning and 1/4" feet. Thanks. The sneak peak looked wonderful!

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