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November 10, 2009



That was worth reading, every single word.

Carrie K

That was a doozy of a post lady :) exceptional tribute to your father. i love how real you kept it...the good times and the regrets really resonated with me as i feel similar things in the loss of my mother. i always feel such a kinship with those who have lost parents as there is simply no way to explain it to someone who has not. so, thank you...

and this line "thanks to the rum-and-Coke I chugged while hurling silent f-bombs at the pumpkin guts" BEST LINE EVER :) totally cracked me up!!

and...the quilts are beautiful! i love the red and blue one! i wish i had a "mess up" quilt that beautiful :) i was a huge fan of yours at SC and was sad to see you go also!

marnie flores

whoa. you wield a powerful pen, miss tina c.
thinking of you today.


Tears are hitting my keyboard as I very hauntingly eloquent.
I hope you are hugged very tightly today :)


That was one of the most beautiful pieces of truth I have ever read. I don't know what made click on your blog this morning (Nov. 12th), but today, my father passed away exactly 16 months ago. He was a veteran as well, and I never called him on Veteran's Day to thank him for serving our country. But yesterday, since the kids were out of school, we took a trip to the cemetery to say thank you in person. And after leaving wished, more than anything, I had taken the time to do that when he was still here.


love your posts {wish you would more often} and thank-you for the reminder- to honor those who fought/is still fighting for our freedom and love those that are still with us every day.

Lauren Hawley

Well, Tina, that is a beautiful and profound post. And it's one more thing we have in commom. My father died at age 37 of a heart attack. I feel like I hardly knew him because I was only 4 at the time, but I still mourn the loss of who I think he would have been and there has always been that hole in my life that he should have filled. Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts.

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