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November 11, 2009



Forget it, I'm not telling anyone! I want a box ;) Hope you and your family are well. I love to read your updates!


Yay! I love your pages! So maybe with your products, my pages can have a chance of looking a little like yours. Pick me!!

Michelle Rydell

Oh wow I would love to win a box from you Tina! Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway, and good luck on your destashing project!

Marina, somewhere downunder

*mumbling under her breath, just loudly enough so that you can hear* why do you US gals get all the fun?? I'll strike a deal - If I win (I've never won anything, so there's not much chance anyway) I'll pay for the postage? Ha, whaddya say, ha?]


jsut had to say that i miss seeing you over at SC! :) Hope all is going good for you!


Miss you at SC Tina! I would love to win - we have my sister's name for Christmas, and she could use some new scrappy supplies! :) How awesome of you!

Erin M

Hi Tina! Wanted to stop by and say "HI". Miss having your witty personality over at at the SC message board, don't be a stranger!!!!!

Kim N.

Thanks for the opportunity to win! I could always use some "new" scrap stuff. :)


i love me a good give-a-way!!

Valerie Bishop

What an awesome giveaway!! Would love to see what a designer has stashed away ;)!! TFS!!

Abby V

Stopping by to say Hi! We miss you at SC too-it was weird not seeing your creations at the reveal! Wishing you the best in your future endeavor.


One woman's trash is another woman's treasure!


I'd love to have a box of goodies from your big purge. I'm a big believer in cleaning out and organizing and I love the feeling of a fresh start when it's all done. Thanks for sharing the wealth with your readers :)


Love that you inspire me both for scrappy LO's and quilting.
Although I haven't done any quilting yet (I'm a TOTAL novice, batting - didn't even know what THAT was!!) I'm trying to compile a little list of wanted items that may help hubby and family at Christmas!!
I know that I'm not in the US but I'll gladly pay the shipping to the UK if I'm allowed! :)


Great idea for a giveaway. I'd love it if you'd count me in :)


I am proud of you. Sometimes it is hard to get par down on what at one time was such beautiful paper or something we had to have.

Christine Guets

Good for you! It's hard to part with beautiful stuff you "might" use some day!

Briana N.

Thanks for the chance to win- I'd love some of your old junk! :)


Thank you for being so generous. I love reading your blog, for the scrapbooking and the quilting!


I'm jealous of your ability to purge. I need to do that, too...however, I'd still love to win some of your goodies! : )


I really love seeing your quilts, and miss you in the gallery in SC


Ooooh, how generous of you to give some of your precious stash away! And ooooh, I admit it, I want to win!!!!!
Please pick me, pick me, pick me!!!
Love your blog!


I'd love to win your leftovers! I'm in that same state, where I can't get motivated to create anything in the 8 square inches that aren't covered with piles of stuff!


Oooh would love to win some of your stash. LIke the others I miss seeing your fab creations in the SC gallery. The quilts are beautiful!


Sounds like an early Christmas gift!

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