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October 14, 2009



Gorgeous as always. xoxo

Allison K

So glad big man is doing better! Your quilt is darling!!! You do great work no matter the "mojo". Glad to see this post.

emily pitts

your children are gorgeous. i know you're a good photographer and all, but you can't fudge looks with a camera and photoshop. fun that the babe is potty trained! and fun for makenna to have her own room. and why not wait on him? hugs to you!


If that's a waning scrappy mojo...
"I'll have what she's having"
Sorry, randon When Harry Met Sally quote :)
Glad you're back!


You seriously need to post more often, you are so damm entertaining ! and I mean that in the nicest possible way, this made me laugh my socks off...

"Hannah Montanausea and The Suite Life of Cheesy and Predictable"

When I stay in the same room as my kids when they watch these I start to feel like my brain has leeked out through my ears, but I thought it was just me being British and this being American "TV Junk"


1. Are we supposed to tell you the expletive we chose?

2. Pnemonia - BAH. I've had that, no fun. Extra hugs

3. Beautiful quilt - I need to work on quilting again!

Jennifer Larson

I adore how you stitched those labels--definitely going to try that! And if this is lack of mojo, I want to be you. Thanks as always for the inspiration.

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