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October 16, 2009



I am feeling the urge to purge, too! Maybe we ought to form a purging coalition to inspire each other (or hold each other accountable).


Allison K

world peace and sushi... you have the perfect night! Great list.

Lisa Gillespe

Hi T.!
I can soooooo identify with the comfortable panties!! I have been on a quest for years now, literally going through dozens of pairs---trying to find ones that breathe, don't cut into my flesh, don't give me serious panty lines or a super-wedgie, don't cut off my circulation, don't have bizzare, child-like prints all over them (because no one needs to see fruit showing through my skirt...sigh!!). The sad thing is I have some I like, but they are no longer being made. Let me know if you find any. I know you had some from Costco I believe you liked. xxxooo Lisa (who is way too obsessed with panties ;-)wink!) Glad you liked the books!! What is this month's book, BTW?


Tina, I love your blog, you write so well and your kids always look so. . . happy!! Just wondering how you got started quilting? I really don't sew other than straight lines and I really really really want to start quilting. Something needs to be done about my vintage quilts from ebay habit! Any tips?

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