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July 10, 2009



Fantastic!!Thanks so much for posting. I will definitely be running some of my pictures through this process.


WOW! AMAZING! I'm just now getting my feet wet with Photoshop Elements 7, so I can see I have MUCH to learn!

How do you like your Mac compared to the old PC, by the way? Just curious. ; )

Lynn Ghahary

This is amazing Tina! THANK YOU!


Wow, the difference is amazing. Worth all that EFFORT (which seems like a lot!) I need to write down the steps I use to see if I'm doing that much too (which I think I'll learn I am once I stop to think about it!)

Brenda H

wow - amazing - i am so intimidated by photoshop that i avoid it all costs but will have to try this! Thnks

Kathy Chen

THanks for the tips. I've always wanted to know how to enhance the sparkle in the eyes. Love your work and inspiration!


Thank you sooooo much for this. I just got CS4 and I am slowly working through it. Mostly with PW actions, but this will help me actually go through the motions....She's just beautiful by the way!

Lisa Gillespe

Hi Tina!

Thank you!!!!! I am printing this out and sticking it in my book of "recipes." So many questions answered for me in one fell swoop. :-)

Keep 'em coming!! This is awesome!!

Love, Lisa


Thanks for the tips on action sites. I hadn't heard of coffeeshop to check it out now!

On another update...we finished the paperwork & training to become a foster to adopt family. So excited and nervous at the same time. Once the state officially approves us we could have another child in our home within days!


Now all I need is for you to move to NY, right next door to me and teach me more! ;)
Thanks for todays lesson!


This was a great, great post--thank you so much for sharing. Very inspiring and you make it seem so achievable! I have access to PhotoShop and have been thoroughly daunted--hopefully these steps will finally make me take advantage of it.

I love your photos and thoroughly appreciate that you share your experience and knowledge with us.


awesome, i love it. gonna give ita try in the am :) btw, love your tuts!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Wow, you're my hero.

I love how you shared the step by step which is always so much cooler to see rather than trying to figure it out reading the manual-lol. You're so sweet and generous with your know-how and I'm sure everyone who reads your blog appreciates that about you.

The photo is awesome and another beautiful example of why I can't get enough of your photos.

Enjoy your day!


you are amazing. :)

Christine Villacarlos

thank you so much! i so need these tips!

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great techniques, i want to learn PS from you.

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