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April 04, 2009


Jennifer Niksich

Oh Snoopy was my favorite too! I loved every holiday waiting for the Peanuts specials to air on CBS. I think the movies meant even more to me because they were only on during that time. When my oldest was born her nursery them was Snoopy, of course. I can't believe how cute those stuffed animals are.

Amy Coose

We love snoopy around here, as well!!! I remember having a stuffed snoopy and woodstock that I slept with for years, and now my kids are doing the same thing! We'd love the chance to give the Easter Beagle a good home. THX, Tina!


I was a Snoopy nut when I was a kid. On Christmas morning (when I was in the first grade) I remember sneaking downstairs and finding a giant unwrapped box near the tree. It was a beautiful box with a picture of a cat on the top (which is why, I'm sure, my mother didn't wrap it). Because it was unwrapped it was easy to take a peek. It was the BIG plush snoopy. I knew it was for me. That Snoopy sat on my bed until I graduated from high school, and I bet...if I went through my mother's attic I could still find it.

Ami Diekemper

I was always a fan of could always count on a Peanuts special just about ANY holiday season - be it Valentines, Christmas...or Easter!!!!

Those are so adorable!!!!


I love Snoopy. The lss I shop used to be down the street from the Charles Schulz hockey arena. He grew up in the area. Every time I drove through the area I looked for the little red-haired girl. I guess she wouldn't be little anymore, but still. Funny the parking lot of the hockey arena they sold pumpkins. I had Nick, Jake and Emily convinced that the great pumpkin was there. :o)

Stormy Easton

What a great giveway, we are big Peanuts fans! I'll have to look for these in Target, don't remember seeing them the last time I was in there!


Cool giveawat! We love snoopy here! I will have to look in target too next week.


i love snoopy & the all the peanuts characters. woodstock is my favorite!

Valerie Bishop

My first love of Snoopy was at a local fair. I won a HUGE Snoopy dog - about as big as me!! - all by myself by throwing something at something (I forgot the game but I do remember the Snoopy !!). I was 5 years old and I carried that dog around with me all day at the fair and he lived on bed throughout my childhood! And no Christmas would be complete (or Halloween for that matter!) without watching the Peanuts specials!!

Sarah C

snoopy is new to us but I would love to share the goodies...


Fun! I'm I huge Peanuts fan. My favorite character is the strong willed hold-nothing-back Lucy. What a woman! I love all the Snoopy shows and have the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas trio of dvd's. I think I NEED the Easter Beagle too! Thanks for the chance to win. Oh- a memory just came back to me- I used to have a 45 record of the story of Charlie Brown and the Little Red-Haired girl and an orange Snoopy lunchbox. Okay, that's enough.

Cari Skuse

My kids are huge Peanuts fans. They got that from me! I had Peanuts sheets on my bed when I was little, and I found the same sheets for them on eBay.


I used to have a snoopy ice shaver, that i used to make snowcones!! I remember it well, it had a little squirt bottle that i would put kool-aid into and sqeeze it on the shaved ice. Seeing snoopy brings back so many happy childhood memories for me!! :)


Yep, loved the Snoopy Snowcone machine, I wish I still had it! My son loves Snoopy so very much that I go through tons of stores to get him one of the Whitman's chocolate boxes with a Snoopy ornament every Christmas... it's a fun memory to think of all the various stores where I have searched for this prized piece of plastic!


SO cute! I love Snoopy (and all of the Peanuts gang)! When I was little I had a girl version of Snoopy called Snoopette and I just loved her so! She had little outfits and she went everywhere with me. My daughter loves snoopy now and it just warms my heart. Snoopy is so timeless and happy. :) My sister had that Snoopy Snowcone machine and I always wanted to play with it, but she wouldn't let me. Ha! ;) Thanks for the chance, Tina! :)


Love the Peanuts! ... it is just a tradition to watch the movies at each holiday... christmas, thanksgiving, and easter :)


I love Peanuts!! They are adorable. I'll look for some at Target.


I am probably a little older than you. But I remember when we lived in Okinawa during the Vietnam War and my father drove a motorcycle and my mother had a jacket made for my father that had Snoopy on the back with his red scraf as the Red Baron. Snoopy was really big in the early 70's and I still think of that jacket from time to time. I also love that you enjoy Jazz. It is one of my favorites as well.

Kim S.

Loved Snoopy so much that my sister and I named our first dog ( a beagle, of course) SNOOPY! Now my boys have a beagle named SCOOBY, but I call her Snoopy when no one is listening!


Awww, those are too sweet! I totally LOVED the Snoopy shaved ice machine and remember watching the holiday shows on TV when I was a kid. Good times :)


Oh my gosh I HAVE to win this. MY husband was THE biggest fan of Snoopy. One time when he was about 3 or 4 years old at the most, I think, he go lost in the mall. His parents looked for him everywhere, and even had mall security looking for him. He was missing for a half an hour or more, (and this was around the time Adam Walsh went missing, so you can imagine that his mother was terrified) until they finally found him in a Hallmark store, at the endcap of an aisle, playing with a large "Boopy" (that's what he called Snoopy.) He didn't even know he was missing--after all, he had his friend Boopy with him!!! He would LOVE it if I won this prize!!! He has read every cartoon ever and knows more Peanuts trivia that Charles Schultz himself!! Hee, hee!

rani shah

I have fond Snoopy memories too! I have all the little plastic collector characters of Snoopy and the gang. I remember though not being able to get the actual snoopy doll, but my parents found something similar. And although it wasn't the real deal, I cherished what they gave me with all my heart. Looking back it was a tough time for the family, but my parents did their best!!! And it taught me that I don't need to have what I want, just want what I already have...I tell you Snoopy can be deep!!!!! Thanks for sharing your memory and bring back good ones for me!!!


I loved Snoopy growing up so I was so excited when Charles Schultz asked my grandmother if he could take over the hockey tournament she ran every year. So it became a tradition in my family to travel up to Santa Rosa every July to see my grandfather play in the Senior tournament. Schultz knew how to throw a party and everyone that was involved had a magical time.
I still treasure my personalized cell that he painted and autographed for me as a kid.
I'm so sad now because the tournament isn't what it used to be. I only wish my son could have experienced it with us.

Whenever we drive up the coast, I stop in and look around the little museum next to the rink and see what treasures I can pick up. I still have my Snoopy Snow Cone Machine and so many other treasures from my childhood.


I remember watching Snoopy at Christmas every year. Always loved Woodstock. THank you


I had the same dolls!! I even had Belle. Loads of outfits and they were such a treasured toy. My Grandpa had a snack bar next to a Drugstore/Hallmark gift store when I was a little girl and I would go over there every day and oogle the selection of stuffed animals. (I never played with dolls, animals were my thing.) I recently saw photos of me getting Snoopy loot for my birthday!! This prize would make my day!!!

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