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March 09, 2009


Kim K.

I of these days I'm going to get it through my thick skull that the SC you are referring to is not South Carolina! LOL!
From a South Carolina Girl!

Tina B.

LOLOLOL...I feel the same way about McDonald's sweet tea...I think they put liquid crack in it


most definitely has to be the crack! LOL


Oh Please send some girl scouts to my apartment building- I lOVE thin mints-keebler grasshoppers are close, but just not the same!

Katherine Haleen

oh oh I know I am right there with ya...
Yummy for my tummy.....


Well, I don't know about you, but I keep my boxes all to myself hidden in a desk drawer at work. :)


Ack - everyone is out to torture this poor pregnant woman! Our local council sold cookies in November, so I have already depleted my Thin Mint, Do-Si-Do and Dulce stash. And this is the third blog in the last week to feature them! Killing me, I tell ya. The Keebler Grasshopper cookies are a reasonable subsitute, but I am dying for a Do-si-do, and there is no alternative.


Just stopping by to say I LOVE your new blog header! :)


Too funny Tina! Having never tried them...I'll have to take your word for it and stay away! lol.

april foster

you're too funny. Evil re-visited our house when i sent G to the store for milk and the cute scouts were standing outside selling cookies. I think he made it past them going into the store, but not coming out. telling them "no" once was enough, i suppose.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

That devil sure gets around because he stopped at my house too with several boxes-lol.

Love the new banner and the kids are getting so big and still adorable as ever.

Enjoy your Sunday!


the SAME crack-selling, freckle-wearing, green-vest-wearing, devil came to my house too!!! And there are more than 2 boxes on MY kitchen counter!!

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