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March 27, 2009


Alis in Wnderlnd

She has your eyes: happy & bright!


Ohhh, that's mean,lol. Lucky I read this in the middle of the day and not first thing this morning. Will go and get the camera now then pass it on to some more victims, ooops I mean blogging friends.
PS, love your photo, your kids are so cute.


Great picture! She is soo adorable :)


How fun!
Love your photo!
and thank you for the great links.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Natural beauties!

I actually love the workspace behind you too. What a wonderfully large table and look at all the scrapping goodies-lol.


:O what?! are you sure you want to see what I look like on a Sunday afternoon?! LOL ok. fine. I'll do it just for you. ha! great to see you and your girl :)


She is just delicious!
And you have such warm, smiling eyes :)

emily pitts

i think my scrap space is just as messy as yours. that is a happy thought! i tried to call you while we were in CA, but the phone just stopped ringing. it was strange :)

lisa d

ah, you look adorable. As does your little assistant there. :) And can i come over and dig through all that scrappy stuff in the background??

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