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March 19, 2009



LOL, cool article :) And great examples on why mommy can & you shouldn't LOL!!!


I totally understand the "why mommy can and kids can't" but as for the sensor thing... huh?

rani shah

very nifty and informative!!! right there with ya on the mama know all bit!!!

Lisa Arnet

Its always about what you do with it!!!! You always make me smile Tina! :)


Interesting, so which one would be the 40D crop?


That's cool, I never knew that! Thanks for sharing, Tina. :)

Jennifer Larson

OK, I'm so not a camera person, and I'm not sure I understand everything you said about them, but the rest of your post made me laugh hard, and I thank you for that. Absolutely hysterical.

Katherine Haleen

OH my woman you crack me up.... and thanks for sharing I am a visual learner so I get it NOW...haha


Michelle from Pinkle Toes did a cool comparison in her flickr stream awhile back, I"ll find it and e-mail you- it's way cool. THanks for sharing this cool find, TIna )


I wish I could say I understand the diagram/picture...but I don't. lol. As for the other questions, I really wouldn't have an answer but I like yours! :)


Hi Tina
I came by your blog after seeing your very sweet comment on the layout I posted at SC. Thanks.
I have been looking at your photos on your other blog. You're amazing! And you're self-taught (I saw that in the other thread on SC). Wow. I'm in awe.
I would like to improve my photo skills, and hope to take a short course soon (if I don't do it before this baby arrives it'll be another two years or so before I get another chance.) I don't have any plans to do it for a job/business, but I do take a lot of photos for friends at their children's b'day parties, etc. (for no charge, though everyone tells me I should)
Anyway, this was a long way of saying hi.


Oh. My. Gosh lady! You = FUNNY!!! "Because *I'm* the mama...THAT'S why!!" That's the line I feed my girls and it works. ;) Thanks for posting this. Before I was always like whaaaaaaa?? But now, thanks to you (*wink*), I get it! ;)

Michelle StClair

Too funny. My little asked me if when he is a teenager can he say the "s" word. I said no. He wanted to know what if he was in his room alone can he say it? hahahaha


Omgosh - suddenly a light bulb goes off. This also explains why some people would say they prefer the 85 over the 50. It makes sense that on a full frame, I'd want the 85 but can enjoy similar photos with the 50 on my XT. And that extra Flicker link was a huge help too!

I have two spin-off questions for you then. Since you use a full-frame, do you ever have trouble with having to get too close to your subject to get what you want in the shot with your 50? I know sometimes I am trying to get too close and the lens won't focus. Does that happen to you?

and second question...
Do you see the differences in the viewfinder when using the camera? Or is it just seen in the produced image? So, if I have my 50 on my XT and stand in one spot and then put it on your 5D and stay in the same spot, the shot will actually look different in the viewfinder, yes?

Thanks Tina! I love a good visual example too! This was perfect!

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