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September 01, 2008



My first visit here! Nice to meet you.


Yea for back to school. Her ein Arizona we have been back almost a month already....time flies!
Love your blog.

Mary Jenkins

that's sweet of you! i'm blogging this on my contest blog.. hope you don't hate me for


I feel you. My 1st baby just started kindergarten and everyday brings a host of new emotion. I've decided my little one is banned from birthdays. To get him to play along I will just have to buy him lots of presents all year long. :) LOL.


I have a son who is entering 7th grade! Agh! When did that happen? Fortunately, I get to enjoy every moment through homeschooling. I'll choose to ignore the hard times and remember only the precious ones!


Enjoy kindergarten, it is so bittersweet!


I miss those days. Enjoy them while they last.


I have a new kindergartener too. SO sad... but he loves it, so that makes me happy! I think I need a goody box to celebrate kindergarten!!!


My little man starts kindergarten next year. He's ready. Not sure if I am though.

I'd love a box of stuff! :)

St├ęphanie Pouliot

Good luck and cherish those memories!


I'd love to join if I may! Thanks!


They just grow up wayyyyyyy to quickly!! My baby will be four next yr! a big kindy kid... sniff sniff.......

amy staats

Love the pics of the kiddies and the class clown!


(((hugs)))) Tina! I have to say it was easier with the 2nd child! (is that bad? ;) I can't wait to hear about his first day!

Jessica F

He looks like he's going to have fun to me!! Thanks for the giveaway! I'm crossing my fingers!


Love the picture. It reminds me of my little guy on one of those the other day.


Love this picture! Good luck making the transition to class mom!


Wait a second, is summer over? Ack! We're not ready for school!


Thank you for offering this great giveaway!! :)

Elizabeth M.

I hate this time of year because the kids go back but I love the feeling of renewal it brings and the crispness of the air as the leaves turn colors. Happy Fall! And thanks for the giveaway.


awww, how sweet! he takes the best pictures!


Love the earlier picture of your son on the swing. Too funny. He must have you laughing most of the time! I love funny people!


i too hate this time of year- means winter is coming. love the pic. your little guy looks like he's lots of fun-goofy fun- love that!


Yay! What a cute kiddo!

lori reustle

oh.. off ot school they go.. time to scrap!

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