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September 09, 2008


emily pitts

i wish i was a high school senior, or the other half of a young engaged couple. i wish i lived in san diego. but sadly, i fall very short in all categories. but i just wanted to say hi.

Amy Coose

OH, how I wish I lived closer!!! Not that I could be a highschool model--LOL. I'm just dying to have you take pics of my kiddos.

I got the stampin up RAK. Thanks so much! I'm trying to decide where to put them. :)


i wish i lived near you
because i would book a session
because you are fab
and fun.

Wendy Bretz

Hi Tina!
I nominated you for the Blog Award :)
Come visit when you get a chance


i really wish we were traveling to that area! my new hubby and i would LOVE some shots of us... but alass... Utah and California are not the same state.

you are so creative! Hope to see what 'wacky' things you come up with.

Teresa Olier

omg how cute is this! hes adorable!

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