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September 21, 2008



wondering if I could just cut and past your first two paragraphs for my own blog... don't worry, Nadia is still little! and I love your latest maternity shoot


wasn't mama mia the greatest "forget all your worries and cares" kind of flick? absolutely loved it - bought the soundtrack cd yesterday too!!
not to worry about the baby's birthday - they'll always be our babies!!


Just had to mention that Hoonie always wears his sunglasses upside down too. Maybe it's more comfortable that way???

And Happy Birthday to your family members...can't believe Nadia's going to be 2 and that your husband is 50, haha! Don't let him take you down with him Tina... :)


Hi Tina, i just had a question about simple scrapbooks new site.... I use to love going to the simple studio gallery and check out all the amazing lo's by the contributors like yourself. I can't seem to find anythin like that. Also the stimple blog and the studio blog. I know i must have been hiding under a rock latley. Do you think you could possibly post some links to these. Im still negotiating the new site.... it will grow on me.


Happy birthday to all the family members!

My little guy just turned two on the 5th and I'm still having issues with that. They're so stinkin' cute at that age. It makes you yearn for another baby in the house, but at the same time thoughts of sneaking your hubby in for a snip, snip aren't far away either. FUN times!

Love your photos!


WOW - how is she TWO?! I am tearing up reading all of these updates/milestones....the moments are all so fleeting. Happy much-belated to Nadia, and up-coming to Aidan! And tell your hubby he's a darn-good-lookin' AARP member. LOL

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