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June 17, 2008



Oooh... beautiful photos, T! Carpinteria looks amazing and now you've got me wanting to take a trip! ;) Happy Father's Day to your hubby as well. ((Hugs))

Leanne Stamatellos

really touching words Tina - sounds like a beautiful family.


Love this post. Classic picture of your hubby as "Daddy"!

emily pitts

i love what you do to pictures, they just glow! someday i hope to be as adept with photoshop :)

looks like a great weekend, nice to be with family!


Love that you snapped all the photos of your outing. & wonderful photos as always-


I love these kinds of photos. Seemingly ordinary locales that actually scream pesonality when photographed well.

Great dressform photo, especially since I've been looking for one like this for a while.

I also really like the shot of your family walking away from the camera. That one is really sweet.


Yea for papas. Welcome home. Call me. :)


OMG...I was scrolling thru various blogs I found featured on the one for Scrapbook Oasis, and stumbled across yours. I had to comment on this posting in particular, because my stepdad and stepsibs lived in Carpenteria for YEARS. My stepsister's first job was actually at "the spot" and I have to agree with the cult following...those are the BEST burgers ever. One time, we even popped over there to grab an "appetizer" while we were waiting to be seated with a large group at the Palms for dinner...teehee.

sara gehris

Hi Tina,
I wanted to thank-you for posting my store PUNCH on your blog! What fun photos! Next time you come to town, stop in and have a glass of punch with us...

Best regards,Sara

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