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August 25, 2007



Yummy photos! I've been checking back for a new entry. I love these. Adorable cuties as usual.

Love your daughter's twisty hair. She looks like such a big girl now.

Have a great week!


Sound like you all have been very busy this summer.

I love the pic. of your daughter in the sunset. Beautiful! Of couse it's easy to take great pic.'s with such a pretty little model. You are truly blessed to have such a beautiful family.

Kristi Smith

Gorgeous photos as always. If you ever come to Hannibal, MO to learn about Mark Twain, I will watch your kids for you!


Yeah, like that would happen!


Your kids are beautiful! Sounds like an awesome summer! can my family and I come out to play next summer! LOL


Tina - You have the most beautiful children that I've ever seen in my life and you always capture them perfectly!

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