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August 05, 2007



wow, you must be very proud. what a fantastic peice of family history you have to share with the kids!


SOOOO incredibly cool!


that is really Awesome!! such a proud time in your grandfathers life you captured on camera!! Congrats to him :-)


so so sooooooooo cool!


Hey there girlie! How are ya? Must get together SOON and ketch up!

SO freakin' cool about your granfather... you must be so proud of him! Congrats to him! :)


Great shots of the Star event, Tina...and that's just the first two! Can't wait to see the rest. You can stand with any of those press photographers...


Beautiful photography as always. I've got a question for you but I'll just shoot you an e-mail. Love your blog photos!


all I can say is "wow"!


This gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes! WOW! And how lucky is HE to have a talented granddaughter following in his photographic footprints???
PS Are you going to be up here by me?

Aleida Franklin

What a great post. Really heartwarming and touching. Thanks for sharing such an awesome experience and event. He (your grandpa) is very handsome!


As a fan, I am excited he is getting his due.

I still giggle about the memory upon learning he is your grandfather.

Kristi Smith

Wow, that is very cool. Esp. the part about the Osmonds. LOL!

Hope you had a great vacation.

Wendy Bretz

WOW Tina!
what an amazing man to have as your Grandfather :)
I'm sure you are so proud!


That is crazy cool!


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