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April 17, 2007



what a wonderful tribute to such special people in your life! Thank you for sharing this, I enjoyed reading it. and I love the pics, especially that last one!


So incredibly cool! I truly cherish the times I spent growing up at my grandparents' houses too. They sound like wonderful, wonderful people, Tina! Can't wait to see the pics in August!


This is a beautiful tribute. I'm sure they will be blessed beyond words to receive this from you.


Wow Tina! I really enjoyed reading this post - your grandparents sound like incredible people. I'm looking forward to the photos!


I enjoyed your post and I think most of us can relate to you {and by the way, I turn 39 in a week too!}Happy B-Day!
This is the first time I've seen your blog and your LOs and your children are beautiful. You left me praise on peas for my lift on your cover page of SS magazine {thanks a bunch:)} and I had to come and see the blog.


I don't think I am reaching when I say I am certain you make your grandparents very proud.

As a kid, I was gifted a subscription to the LA Times every year at Christmas by my folks. I loved that paper.

My favorite section? Calendar (Arts and Entertainment).

My favorite writer in that section? Hands down, your grand. He understood the media of film so well, I took his reviews to be gospel.

After all these years, when I get a hold of a copy of the LA Times, I still reach for my Calendar. :)

I still giggle when I think back to the time that you shared with me who your famous grand was. I remember just being floored. I must have told at least a dozen people in 24 hours.

The closer you get to your 40s, the more fabulous you become. Promise.


Wow Tina, what a WONDERFUL tribute to your grandparents! Loved reading this and I'm sure they will be so blessed when they see this! Love the photos... and Happy EARLY Birthday, chick!!! ((Hugs))

Sara Dickey

what a wonderful post! your love & admiration for your grandparents just shines right through.
and your photos of them and the house are all your photos are.

Happy Early Birthday!! just remember the older you are the more wiser your are and with wisdom, comes the able to make great and wonderful choices..and to have a lot of FUN too!

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