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March 08, 2007


maria are going to make me wish I was pregnant. And that I was your neighbor! :)

Wendy Bretz

I'm not pregnant
I don't live in California
If I ever come there I would LOVE for you to take some pics of my Hannah :)
Love your work Tina!


Hmmmm... it's almost worth gettin' knocked up again and relocating to SoCal to get you to shoot me! ;) (Almost... but not quite...)


You make me wish for my ovary and tube to be returned to me.


Awww man! I SO wish I were pregnant. I could stuff a pillow under my shirt... whaddya think? lol!

Jessie Fulkerson

Damn. Catch me in about 6.5 years? Yeah, that would be perfecto ;) xo

Anne M

I'll pretend for you Tina! ;)

Aimee F.

Tina, I work with a great girl who is pregnant! I'll get in touch with her soon. She's due in July.

Lauren Grantham

Hi Tina,

Lauren Grantham here. Incase you don't have a pregnant woman in mind yet, i Have one one who is 14 weeks along so you can photograph thru her journey. Let me know.

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