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January 09, 2007


melissa deakin

love, love, love your work so much!
your children are so beautiful!


Don't you just love the delivery man!

And your layouts are fantastic.


These all are just gorgeous, Tina! Your kids are beautiful and Nadia is such a chubby-wubby! CUTE!

Yolanda Williams

Not only do I adore your photography, your scrapbooking style is simply phenomenal!


i've always love your scrap style,these pages are awesome & your children are just too adorable!!!

Kristi Smith

Love the layouts! I wish I could do simple so well. You make it look so easy. With your pics all you need is a blank sheet of paper! Miss Nadia sure is getting big, such a cutie! Your such a lucky Mommy!


wow, great layouts, Nadia is getting so big, I just got back from trinidad and catching up on th blogs, its good to see the kids looking so beautiful


Hey again girlie! CANNOT believe how big miss Nadia is getting! She is GORGEOUS... and I love all her little rolls... so cute! Awesome lo's too! I agree with Kristi - you make simple look SO DANG GOOD! :) Can't wait to have coffee next week... FINALLY! :)


love these pages. And it was a real treat to go through your blog and see your beautiful pictures AND your beautiful kiddos.

Rachel :)

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