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January 19, 2007



Hee! Love me some Costco and Target too... and I mean LOVE! lol! Thanks for the Cetaphil cream tip - Maddie's had eczema ever since she was a baby and I haven't quite found anything that actually works. I'll be giving it a whirl for sure. Fun post girlie... happy weekend!


Mmmmmm Nutella


I love Costco - and I'm sad to report I've never set foot in a Target. I know, sad, huh? I love my Jeep Cherokee however since the heat just quit in the middle of winter, I may have to rethink my love. The Odessey looks great. And warm.

Kristi Smith

I love Target although my husband is in management with Wal-mart so I shouldn't even admit that=). Don't tell anyone.

melissa deakin

i am totally with you in loving Target...i seriously do not know how i lived without it before.
something else i love...naptime--LOL!


tina, i am glad cetaphil works for you, i have heard good things about it, but in very extreme cases of eczema, aquaphor is wonderful to. i usually put it on one of my daughter's patches and they are silky smooth in no time.

oh and one of my favorite finds is the cherry lemonade yankee candle. IT SMELLS WONDERFUL!

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