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April 26, 2009


Erin B

This simple scrapper in me LOVES this challenge!

emily pitts

i love white space, even if i don't use it as much anymore.

Jennifer Larson

Can I link earlier?


mmmh white space... Huge fan here! :)
I hope to be able to take part!


Oh and I would like to add that your layout is SO CUTE ;)

Amanda VanDyke

Tina I have been admiring your use of white space for years now & you have totally inspired me to go try it right now!! I'm going to embrace the white space and join in this challenge! Thank you for the inspiration!! Keep it comin!!

Angie Lucas

Your So Cute layout is SO CUTE!


I create this one for your challenge...
It's unusual for me... so I hope you like it

thanks for this challenge
I'm going to create another one...

Candace H

Here's my "embrace the white space" layout:

Thanks for a fun challenge!


heres mine honey


I love your work. I, too, like a lot of white space often. I used to think people would look at my pages and think I was wasting space.

Anyhoo, here's my offering. The idea behind the layout is that the white space surrounding my self-portrait signifies the need for me to separate myself from the cacophony that is patterned paper, inks, embellishments, and pictures that surround me in my scrap room and often hinder my creativity.

Thanks for looking!!



Totally cute LO! Here's mine

angela gutshall

Love white space.


Here is mine:

This was definately a challenge for me and I am so pleased with the result! :-)


here is my lo!


Ohhhh my! I LOVED this challenge. I'm a HUGE "embracer" of the white space. love love love. Glad it can be appreciated!

thankssss for looking! :]

Sophia Allison

Here is mine, had fun doing this...



Thanks for the challenge! Here's mine


Here is one of my white space layouts:
Thank you so much for a great challenge! I am just learning to use this design principle.


Here is another white space creation! Thanks for pushing me to try this!


Kinda got into this design challenge this week! Thanks again for issuing the challenge!


I love your style! Here is my layout :) Happy NSD!


Here's my layout for white space. Uh. There's a lot.


Great Challenge. It' my favorite product to use as a background anyway....

Here's my entry


I had too many windows & layouts opened at the same time... please ignore the above entry that was for the ledger/graph paper challenge. Here's the one for your white space challenge.

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