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June 23, 2008



wow, you've got some beauties there! that hair cut is stunning on her!


Gorgeous photos as always, T! Cannot wait to see the girl's newly decorated room! ;)


Hey Tina,
What's the trick to get "catchlights" in the eyes of your subject?


The room sounds adorable & the photos are amazing as ever. Love that cute haircut!

melanie louette

Tina, your photography just amazes me. Next time we see each other, PUH-LEEZE give me some pointers. :) Their eyes are unbelievable!


I keep coming back and looking at these beautiful faces!!! They are darling!


I agree with the above visitors. Love the catchlights and struggle with bringing that out in my own work.

Hmmm, I think it's for another one of "Tina's Tutorials".

Love the photos and I look forward t popping back in to see what you've done with the girls' room.

Good luck!


I hate seeing my own typos. I meant to say it's "time" for another one of Tina's Tutorials and I look forward "to" popping back...

I know you know what I meant, but typos really get under my skin like that-lol.

Have a great week!

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